Our Neighbourhood

Welcome to the neighbourhood!

New to town? Let P.J. Gangle Insurance welcome you to West Lorne and the West Elgin area. It’s an amazing place to live!

West Lorne and Rodney are railway towns with historic, artistic and environmental attractions. The West Elgin Nature Club is actively involved in preserving our unique natural environment. Try one of their guided trails through Calton Swamp Wildlife Management Area or Joe’s Bush in Rodney. You’ll find a wide variety of vegetation, including: tulip trees, sassafras, black walnut, sugar maples, black cherry, butternut and white pines as well as many types of ferns and wild flowers. Joe’s Bush, a 50-acre forested area, was donated to the village of Rodney in 1986 by long-time resident Joseph E. Schmid.

Rodney is also home to North America’s oldest (and smallest) jail. Built in 1890, the jail is only 4.6 m x 5.5 m (15’ x 18’). It’s open to visitors during the summer.

In West Lorne, you’ll find two historic buildings that now house the Arts & Cookery Bank. Visitors to this bank can experience a hands-on culinary and photography session. The Arts & Cookery Bank also offers an “outrageously rural experience” that includes a visit to a local farm.

Contact Cindy or Jamey today, so we can help you get settled.