We’re the insurance shopping experts

“What a beautiful day. Let’s go insurance shopping!”

No, we’ve never heard anyone say that! Although insurance shopping isn’t very exciting, most people in West Lorne understand that having the right insurance is essential to the well-being of their business and their family. You don’t want to find out that you’re not covered when it’s time to submit a claim!

At P.J. Gangle Insurance, we specialize in shopping for insurance. As independent Insurance Brokers, we offer a full suite of products to cover yourof home, auto, farm, business and “toys.” We shop through a variety of industry-leading insurance companies to find the best product or package to fit your needs. With our expertise, we can also further tailor these policies to ensure that there are no surprises should you ever have a claim.

Once you’ve met with an independent broker like us, you can enjoy your sunny days without worrying about insurance. Contact P.J. Gangle Insurance Brokers, your local insurance specialist today.