Bus slip fall loss prevention

Tips to prevent slips and falls in your business

As a business owner, you can protect yourself and your business against lawsuits by following – and documenting – a regular maintenance schedule. At least daily, you should inspect the interior of your premises for unsafe conditions that could lead to a slip-and-fall loss. Maintain a daily log of when the inspection was done, what conditions were noted and what corrective action was taken.

Clean up

During periods of inclement weather, all entrances should have mats or rugs to help keep the floor clean and dry. Replace damaged mats as soon as possible.

Use non-slip wax on floor surfaces, where required.

Mop up any spills immediately and a post a Caution-Wet Floor sign.

For surfaces that are consistently slippery, try specialized non-slip epoxy coatings or non-skid flooring materials.

For spills involving oil or other industrial materials, use absorbent non-combustible cleaning materials.

Clear the path

Ensure that all entranceways and aisles are clear of fallen merchandise, obstructions or promotional displays.

Repair any damage to stairs, sidewalks and pavement as soon as possible, with signs and barriers posted, until such time as repairs are completed.

Implement and adhere to a snow and ice removal program with a single individual having responsibility for the program.

Contract professional snow removal contractors to plow, sand and salt your parking and walkway facilities. Ensure that the contractor keeps a comprehensive log of the work performed.

Clean gutters and downspouts and ensure that melt water is directed away from sidewalks and walkways.

Check that exterior lighting is adequate and check on a regular basis for malfunctioning light fixtures.

Establish and maintain a daily garbage removal program, whereby the walkways and sidewalks are swept and the debris removed on a regular basis.

Be prepared

Have the appropriate equipment, tools and materials available for use by your staff, in the case of a weather-related emergency. e.g. shovels, salt, sand etc. Keep floors clean and in good repair at all times; replace any loose or defective flooring immediately.

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