Bus loss prevention vehicles

Protect your vehicle fleet

If your business includes a fleet of trucks and cars, the most important security factor is the drivers. These employees literally drive your business, and they will represent your business on the road.

A safety-conscious driver with a clean driving and operating record is key to reducing the risk of personal injury to the driver and passengers as well as any damage or injury to others. Plus, proper use of vehicles extends the life of your vehicles. Select your drivers carefully.

Proper maintenance of the vehicles also increases safety and will help extend the life of your fleet. Only let experienced and qualified mechanics conduct the maintenance. Keep regular maintenance schedules and records.

Tips for drivers

Never pick up hitchhikers or allow anyone who is not authorized by the business owner, to ride in the vehicle.

Inspect your vehicle every day against a standardized checklist. Keep your vehicle equipped with a flashlight, good spare tire, jack and flares in case of emergencies.

Whenever possible, drive on well-maintained and well-travelled roads. Travel at speeds that are not in excess of the posted speed limit.

Properly secure all loads to prevent your load from spilling on the roadways causing damage to others. Improper loading or overloading can lead to load shift, upset or rollover.

Always lock your vehicle and take the keys with you, even if it is only for a few minutes.

Never leave the engine running while your vehicle is unattended. Safeguard your keys. Never keep your vehicle keys or business keys on the same key ring and never attach identification tags to them.

Park in well-lit areas for your own safety and for the protection of your vehicle and cargo. Keep your vehicle in a locked garage or protected location when not in use.

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